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Arcadia Guide to Reptile & Amphibian Nutriton

Since the word of these lights and awesome Arcadia bulbs has spread throughout the internet-- the demand has proven to be MUCH greater than we ever expected!! I am sorry had no idea this last shipment of these lights would sell out so fast. And I apologize profusely for any inconvenience -- but we have sold out practically to the bare walls! But have no fear- More are being made right now at the factory for us. (These are custom made exclusively for LightYourReptiles.com.) This large shipment is due in mid - late January. Please e-mail if you would like to be notified when they arrive. They are WELL WORTH THE WAIT, guaranteed! Thank you. Sincerely, Todd Goode , Owner LightYourReptiles.com
24" HO T5 Double Bulb fixture with Arcadia 6% and 6.5k Day-light Bulbs Included
24" HO T5 Double Bulb fixture with Arcadia 6% and 6.5k Day-light Bulbs Included
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Product Description
These are the newest HO T5 fixtures for Herpetological Lighting. Now made "Plug & Play" by LightYourReptiles.com!

Recommended distance (through screening) 12"-18", depending on species of herp.

For additional information on the New Arcadia 6% HO T5s and their use, please cut and paste the below link in your browser and visit the Arcadia Reptile Web-Site:


Shipped double boxed to prevent breakage. BECAUSE WE CARE. LightYourReptiles.com EXCLUSIVE! EACH light fixture is opened, inspected AND PLUGGED IN TO TEST BOTH FIXTURE AND ALL THE BULBS! Then fixtures are carefully packed by hand for shipping in FORTIFIED BOXES to help PROTECT your new light from any damage in transit. Now you can buy with confidence some of the finest lighting available for your pets!

Thank you!

All HO T5 Fixtures come with a 90 day warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.